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Gone is the day where phone calls made by guests were instrumental in providing additional revenue for hoteliers, but communication systems and devices are now vital to providing guests with "convenience" the service that they expect. 

We design, implement and support systems and applications delivered on our robust networks focused upon guest-centric care. Cleverly tailored to speed up and dramatically improve back of house operations. 

Dependant on your aspirations for how you would like to cater to your guests and staff, we can create a bespoke offering that will fit your brand, whether that be on a local level or centralised. 


In our years of working within the hospitality sector, we truly understand the challenges that come with bringing new technology onto legacy networks and systems. This is where our strengths come into the forefront of how we can help. 

We start by listening to what our clients want to achieve, we impart knowledge of options available to properties and consider the existing networks. We aim to deploy what you need, and our specialism in hospitality systems/network integration means that the process is both efficient, economical and practical. 

Working with old PBX systems not only means that you are paying a lot to support, upgrade and use old technology, but you would also be using expensive and near-obsolete ISDN lines. It is more than likely that those legacy systems are preventing you from creating a simple and effective communication platform that can dramatically increase productivity and guest satisfaction. 

There are several ways we can help align your technology with today's demands. 

  • Hybrid systems enable the property to utilise SIP and IP software packages 

  • Fully hosted, reduce hardware footprint, support fees and enjoy resiliency

  • Guardian, cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution that guarantees 30-minute uptime should your phone system fall over. A package specifically designed to assist hospitality to recover from the impact Covid-19 financially. We recognise that not all budgets allow for upgrades Guardian is your safety net.

Telephone systems

We still see guest room phones in bedrooms. Yet, for the most part, they are doing less than ever before, service, wake-up and to make a call to another room all of which can be down via media application on the TV, additional in-room devices or mobile applications. Guest facing applications allow guests to directly communicate with front of house, offering flexibility and choice for your guests. In tailoring the flexibility of options you wish to give your guests, we can create a level of excellence that fits neatly with your brand. 

An equal measure of the use of a staff facing mobile application provides management accountability, breaks down barriers and provides a call to action to ensure a seamless guest experience. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm your staff, so we take a considered approach in deploying applications that help and not hinder. 


Our Applications Integration with health and safety system's ensure that the property is up-to-date with fast and effective delivery to those that matter. For fire and alarm services, our locational services and GPS tracking can be used to locate the nearest staff member to address any issues that should arise. 


Whether you are looking for a solution for VIP's, or addressing a requirement for smooth streaming operations, and increased guest exposure to marketing and services, we are here to help. 

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In a rut with your old PBX?

Specifically designed to help hoteliers manage aged telephony estates by creating an inexpensive safety net.

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