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Modern & slick - Bitell's Jacob Jenson's take on guest handsets.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Those looking to add some 'Danish modern' finesse to their guest rooms then look no further - Bitell's Jacob Jenson telephone series does precisely that. The handsets have been around for a while and are picking up considerable traction on the uptake.

Left - HT20 slimline

  • Silver/Black

  • Hearing aid compatible

  • Redials last number, last number disappears in five minutes

  • Programme button for SOS

  • Message ring indicator

  • Desktop and wall mounting

Left - IP60

  • Corded handset, VOIP & SIP

  • Mute, Flash, Speeker, Hold and Redial

  • Redial deleted after ten minutes

  • Adjustable earpiece/speaker volume/ ringer volume

  • Easy web configuration

  • Desktop or wall mounting

  • Supports message waiting lamp key with retrieval function

  • 8 Service buttons with icon

  • Supports obtaining IP address via DHCP/static IP

Our verdict -

Good performance for hospitality, the innovative handsets are both sleek and elegant catering for hoteliers who are design-conscious. Handsets come in both analogue and IP versions. For IP versions integrated, POE power supply makes installation a breeze.

Upgrades are simple via HTTP/TFTP. Protocols and standards-compliant and with no issues throughout the series. All in all, a well-rounded, handset-fit fit for purpose and an excellent addition to any hotel that values design.

For a more detailed overview, please get in touch.

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