The clock is ticking

Helping to overcome challenges with disposing of legacy PBX and ISDN lines in hotels.


*Target date of 2025 for ISDN switch off *

Take advantage of SIP rates with your existing hardware

We understand the challenges of working with legacy PBX and ISDN lines in hotels.

The financial implications of readying for SIP can be a show stopper for some but that time 

has ended.

Take advantage of our hybrid solution and enjoy savings with a feature-rich voice that does not cost

the earth. Our fully SIP compliant solution keeps guests and staff connected through integrated technology. 


Advantage's of what IP telephony has to offer. 

  • Designed explicitly for hospitality voice

  • Fully compatible, without compromise's

  • Scalable with instant manoeuvrability  

  • Cost-effective

  • 24/7 support

  • SIP rates and tariffs

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For every minute spent using legacy ISDN lines you could be saving an average of 70% on rentals and call charges.

Struggling to migrate to SIP with

legacy analogue lines servicing the guest rooms?

No problem we have that covered with a solution that provides a rapid return of investment.

Time is money