Balancing act

Technology moves at a tremendous pace, and while new technology comes along frequently, finding a way to keep your business adapting to new technology can present significant challenges. 


Waiting for new iterations of the technology may be advantageous, but as we know, new iterations never really stop coming. Meanwhile, legacy systems may be crippling productivity, and the increasing costs of maintenance are not helping matters.


Evaluating the pros and cons of technology can sometimes be complicated, with many factors to consider such as -

  • Interlop with existing legacy systems

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Footprint

  • Accessibility

  • Security

  • User buy-in

  • Ease of rollout

  • Disruption

  • Longevity

  • Flexibility


With over 75 years of combined experience, we have seen our fair share of technology advances within the sector. That's, why we think we are best-placed to offer exceptional IT support and procurement advice.

We understand the complex nature of combining many systems and applications, whether or not they integrate, are fully supported by the manufacture and design pairings, quality/regulation of service and the "gotchas" that often crop up with a technology refresh. 

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Implementing critical assets

Successful implementation of technology means putting our customers in the driving seat (so to speak.)

It is vital to us to deliver exactly what is expected, so we start by presenting a preliminary design.


Next step is a detailed design workshop to collect feedback,

buy-in from key stakeholders/end users and discuss feasibility, practicality and longevity elements of the proposed solution.

We then develop a comprehensive project plan in line with Prince 2 frameworks. Every step of the way we are working with you to optimise project success. 

A test plan is created to diminish any risks and minimise disruption. A kick-off meeting is then organised to review the project and test plans. Following the successful installation, testing and training the documented solution will be handed over to our support team to react quickly and efficiently.


Throughout your journey with us, you will be working with a consultant who stays with you! We know there is nothing more frustrating than being passed from person to person.

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Protecting our clients critical assets

Successful support boils down to keeping your business running smoothly, and because we fully understand how the technology works in combination, we are decisive and quick with our resolutions.

Our team of multilingual specialists are on hand 24/7. Bespoke support to your exact requirement with accompanying SLA's and in line with ITEL principles. 

Our success is built upon reputation and we are confident that our personal approach to supporting your business is unique and unmatched. 

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