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Our commitment

Hoteq's journey to reduce carbon emissions and minimise our impact on climate change. Investing in the future of our planet, we have committed to work remotely, offsetting our carbon impact on the local community.


Our passion in providing cutting edge technology within the hospitality sector. Using proof of concept practices, solutions and more innovative way's of working are central to our core values.


carbon neutrality

Contributions to the UK government 2035 Net-Zero target.

  • Monthly travel budget

  • Minimise waste and consumption of environmentally harmful products

  • Sourcing of ethical, sustainable supply chains

  • Support our clients with their carbon neutrality initiatives

  • Incentivising and supporting manufacturers taking part in carbon reduction initiatives who comply with sustainably - driven criteria

  • Understanding where our business stands on its carbon emissions from assessing processes, products and services, supply chains, transport and logistics

Change happens faster when we combine our efforts by putting sustainability at the heart of our business.